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About Deviant Also know, as EldritchBob!!!!!Male/United Kingdom Groups :iconshadowscythe-mercs: ShadowScythe-Mercs
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here ye here ye, come and see the most random collection of stuff I have ever seen...most is either, Kakashi from Naruto, or Spike from Buffy, or some other random thing I get hooked on.


Also know, as EldritchBob!!!!!
United Kingdom
Made by teh fabulous Biyu chan. visit her page or she'll spork ya!

Current Residence: a town called...Eureka.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: WTF?
Print preference: What?
Favourite genre of music: any except for rap
Favourite style of art: abstract, manga,
Operating System: WINDOWS XP
MP3 player of choice: mine
Shell of choice: sea
Wallpaper of choice: .......
Skin of choice: human, sliiightly roated with a little honey.
Favourite cartoon character: either Office ninja or Flint and Zinc
Personal Quote: ...Get lost.

Journal History

So, I started here when I was in school, My good friend :iconbiocchi: set me up with an account (this is waaay before she changed her account) and this is the sort of crud I was producing back then ->

This was written in a thing I went to, on the Gifted and Tallented register....apparently that's what I was.This is actually the first proper story that I wrote, and still holds a place in my heart. but seriously what was I thinking?

Lee Masters by Karn-sama
please note, this is one of the ONLY good pictures I have ever drawn, and it's mainly pencil lines.I find it interesting that this is also one of the nly pictures where the printer didn't completely devour the quality....go figure.

As time went by, and I progressed through school, my writing style slowly improved.

started, never fiished, this was a drabble created as an English class exercise.

of course, some of the stuff I was writing would never be continued, as my mind blanked them

when I first wrote this, I was kinda dissapointed at myself.

oh god. Why did I make this?

yeah...this guy was my main OC at one point. now....he's kind of vanished.....hmmm. I'll have to hunt him down later. This was supposed to be a long story about his last case asa police officer, before becomming a Private investigator. IT heald alot for me, as I'd tried to put alot of thought into the character. eventually, it just fell flat though.

of course, I was also making strange one shots, only a couple of which still exist

this has got to be one of my favourite stand-alone shortstories I've written. It wasn't meant to be continued, it was just meant to exist.

I then found the world of OCT's, where I got my first lengthy critique.

my first attempts at OCTing. I look backc on this and cringe. It serves as a reminder of what I have done wrong in the past.

that helped.

You see, I had , and still have to a smaller degree now, a problem when it comes to my work.

whether it's poetry, or it's drawing, or it's writing a story...
I had great doubts in it.
there were times where I just thought "What's the point in continuing this shit" and almost deleted every piece of writing I had.
I've almost shut myself away so I couldn't see the rubbish that was spewing from my fingertips.

and I thank my friends in real life, and those that I knew on Deviant art.

Sophie, Luke, Johnno, Xen-yakodo, and many others made me think that my stuff was good enough to continue writing.

I actually wrote all of these one after the other, on the same day.  I'd been feeling kind of down, and just....wrote. I find Poetry really hard to write, so I'm really happy when I mannage to create stuff like this....even if I was advised not to show my teachers these.

then I came across an OCT, called Darkworld-OCT

aah, Kohn. an interesting character with an ability I havn't sen before. Created from a T-shirt and a want for a long ranged character. he had potential, and a story. I'll come back to him, some time. he's still one of my favourites though...

This was the first time that I really had a chance to match myself against others, to see how I could do compared to people that were so tallented.

I didn't get far, but that's because I got caught up in schoolwork and decided to prioritise.

and thus....Enter Harrow.
Harrow had already changed form a character I created once, never seen on here in his orriginal incarnation.
Harrow, coloured by Karn-sama
and lo, colour! and still rubbish feet. hes' got hands and not claws now though. You have no idea how proud of this I was and still am.

as you can see, my writing style has actually changed since my last time. it's not very obvious, but there's more confidence behind it now.

at the same time, I wrote something out of pure boredom. a really insignificant thing. At the time.

see? not important at all.

I entered into two OCT's with HArrow, one of which has since stopped...
but the other?

these are important to me, because they showcase my character in a situation that he'd actually find himself in, and because of certain friendships that would grow.

well, lets just say that it introduced me to some people.

and from my second OCT, I met megafluffy. and he created :icont-ub:
where I got to know several people better.

I found another group, and an OCT to join, looking through and trying to find things to keep me occupied.

Tahna Harris by Karn-sama
again, I am really proud of this. the scanner hated it, but I really liked it.

it was commented by a friend of mine, that they liked how in one timeline Tahna managed to push through and keep going, and in the other she fell and tried to escape. I hadn't even thought of it like that at the time, but Tahna is a character I find myself looking at and going "What can I do to her next?"

of course, I also had other characters, mainly mentioned in notes and chats, such as HArrow's teammates, Fea Mark and Caster.

speaking of Fea...
Fea (for Broken Dreams) by Karn-sama
yeah, I think that's the only other truely good picture. I really managged to get some of the small details in as well. I'm proud of this piece. it took me ages as well.

this becomes important later.

later on, as basically what I did between then and....well, then was Meme's, auditions, and a cameo appearence story or two, I found out do something that has really changed things.

I created a group.

and because of that group, I have gained great friends.
Chief of which, are :iconedgev33: and :iconfreakyfanatic101:

So much has been created because of the friendships that I've made here.

I've met fabulous artists, I've built something that I love, I have the greatest friends that I could EVER ask for.

Thank you so much, all of you.

some of you have been with me, through the crappy work

to the okay work.

a story where I do nasty things to a character, introduce an evil guy, and got a lovely critique.

ChibiEric1sketch by Karn-sama
my first ever Chibi that I've drawn! and it came our how I wanted it to!!

one of my most recent things. Compare this to my first OCT entry. I dare you.

I have by no means had a hard life compared to others I know here.
I have by no means gone through troubles like they have.
They're still here, and should be an inspiration to us.

I will continue to get better, I will continue to climb. I will one day finish a long story [NoIwon't*shot*]

Happy Birthday DeviantART.
Lets make it a good one.

  • Listening to: music
  • Reading: your stories
  • Watching: youtube
  • Playing: with my characters
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Fanta orange zero

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