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here ye here ye, come and see the most random collection of stuff I have ever seen...most is either, Kakashi from Naruto, or Spike from Buffy, or some other random thing I get hooked on.


Name: Sinatra

Name of Body: Anders McColl

Age: Ancient

Height: 5ft 11

Weight: 130lbs

Hair colour and style: sandy brown hair, short and messy

Eye colour: black with Red hints

Attire: long black coat that needs to be replaced due to the many repairs on it, shirt.

Noticeable features: Eye colour, black veins around eyes, lack of accent.

Build: thin but strong

Abilities: control of shadows, able to step through shadows, demonic regeneration

Weapons: shadows, self

Strengths: wounds heal, has command of shadows, those that are friendly with Anders will hesitate slightly, as hurting him is hurting Anders

Weaknesses: can’t use his abilities as effectively when surrounded by light sources [no shadows]

Personality: Laid back, and doesn’t care too much for others. Loves women. Flirts shamelessly. Will happily kill anything that annoys him.

Likes: Women, trashy romance books, respect

Dislikes: violent drunks, Exorcists, The McColl family (bar Anders), Religion, people trying to force him to give control back to Anders.

Bio: Sinatra is a shadow demon. Specifically, a shadow Demon lord. This basically means that he is old, powerful, and respected.
And he was bored.
Centuries had passed since the last time he’d been summoned to the human realm, and he was getting bored of the other demons.
And then a young boy summoned him by accident.
Thinking that his luck had come in, Sinatra attempted to Possess the boy and take over his body.
Somehow, the boy managed to resist. Sinatra was intrigued, and decided to stay, binding himself to the boys soul and taking the place of the young boys shadow.
Anders, as Sinatra found the boy was called, ran away from his home aged 12, intent on escaping his family and the exorcists they were hiring continuously to try and drive out the demon, not knowing that the demon had infact bound itself to Anders and to do so could be dangerous.
During his time on the run, Anders decided to name the demon after a singer, in a bad joke ["this is my shadow, Sinatra. It's a joke."].  Sinatra goes with it, because it’s easier than listening to the Irishman fail to pronounce his proper name.
Sinatra accompanied Anders, occasionally possessing his body at night to read some book he found or to mess with his summoner, and lent the shadowmancer not only power, but help in the form of advice from time to time.  
And now he is accompanying Anders to Academia Luna.
He’s still going to take over Anders’ body whenever he can.
He could do this.

All he had to do was stand there, and not panic. Not freak out. Not have a panic attack.

He took a shuddering breath in, and opened his eyes.


That’s all he could see, standing on a bridge he’d come across in the village near his school. A rickety  wooden bridge over a strongly running river.

On the other side, a mystery. Underneath, a nightmare for him.

And so he stood, on the bridge, looking down at the water in an attempt to overcome his fears.

His breathing quickened, hands gripping the old wood as his memories grabbed him and dragged his consciousness kicking and screaming into the past.

He couldn’t breathe, if he breathed he’d drown.

A voice was shouting something angrily, the words deadedned by the pounding in his ears, the roaring sound of his liquid prison.

Strong hands almost breaking his shoulders as they foced him down, holding him there

Can’t breathe, oh god can’t breathe getmeoutpleasesomeone help


He Gasped, a light touch in his arm jolting him back to the present. His head snapped to the side, eyes wild with fear as he took in the delicate form of his closest friend and girlfriend,


Concerned violet eyes met panicked green, the only sounds for a moment being the gentle rustle of leaves in a breeze, the constant steady sound of the water running, and Anders’ ragged breathing.

“Are you alright?” She asked gently, treating Anders similarly as you would a panicking animal.

“I….I’m…” Anders floundered for the words he wanted to say to reassure her dancing just out of his reach, pushed aside by panic and fear.

‘Just tell her Anders.’ The voice of Anders’ constant companion came, slicing through his thoughts from the connection the two shared. <i?‘Knowing her, she’s already noticed. You’ll….well you’ll feel horrid telling her, but admitting it to someone may help.’

‘I….I can’t Sinatra. I can’t tell people about what happened…..not yet.’</i>

A sigh came across the link ‘you idiot. You don’t have to say everything, start with having a phobia.  Small steps Shadowmancer, small steps.’

Anders took another breath, steadying his nerves and looked Resa in the eyes, before uttering one of the hardest things he had ever said.

“No….I’m not alright.”
A Bridge Over Troubled Phobias.
There's not much that can be said about this.....

Phobias aren't a fun thing.

Resa is :iconfreakyfanatic101:'s
Anders is mine
He was smart.

He may boast about his intellect, and use it to berate people, but the fact still remains that Jameson Lupe was intelligent.

He was also Arrogant. Just ask anyone he knows.

Ask most people he knows actually, as Theresa Woodsworth is too nice about people to outright say it.

And Mikhail would just call him a “not-a-snack”

But still, he was smart, and he observed. He watched as the reaper seemed more energetic around adrenaline filled places, as the Italian vampire and the elf butted heads and argued while people watched on, he watched as the Voodoo mistress made her potions and laughed with people. He watched as his roommate (friend?) began dating the afore mentioned Theresa.

And he knew that they watched him as well at times.

After all, he was a blood mage, and that’s not exactly common. Or hygienic in most cases. It was also dangerous to the caster, one wrong thought, one wrong syllable or gesture, and you could force all the blood from your body and die.

He turned a page in the book he was reading.

Of course, he wasn’t the normal kind of Blood mage.

He was a Lupe.

He was the son of Fabien Lupe and Blaire Lupe, the heads of the Lupe family.

The head of the family now.

HE paused mid turn before forcing his body to resume the action.

His father had died when Jameson was four, leaving only his possessions, his family, and old grudges to remember him.

And the book.

An old, battered, hand written book that people would overlook in a store, and yet it held every secret, tip, hint, cheat and idea about Blood magic that Fabien Lupe had discovered as he travelled the world and raided lost knowledge, hunting for more information and answers.

A hunt that eventually lead to…

A small rip appeared on the page, as Jameson’s grip pulled on the paper.

Jameson was smart, yes.

But there were others that were so much smarter.

His roommate could read situations and often make a joke or comment to diffuse tension or divert attention to other places.

His mother could twist the minds of people and knew more spells than the family library held.

Vito, the vampire, had years of knowledge that he could draw upon when needed.

Ginger the voodoo priestess knew more about potions than he could have imagined needing to know.

And him? He could manipulate blood with great ease, put on a façade of confidence and a false smile on his face.

But he needed more. He needed to become better, stronger, smarter. It was part of the reason he came to the school, the rest being to make friends and allies.

The book in his hands was slowly closed.

But he had to be better, so that what happened to his father didn’t happen to anyone else.  The book held the secrets he needed, the school provided him with the tools to decode and implement the scratchings his father had made, so similar to those that the boy made himself.

He to, for his friends, his family, himself.

So that they could be proud to say he was their friend.

So that he could say his father would have been proud of him.

So that he would be proud of himself.

And then?

Then he would allow the insanity that ran through his family and that whispered in his mind to lead him.

And he would find those that were responsible.

Jameson’s smile took on a darker, crueller tone as he stared off into the distance.

And they would see just why you don’t kill a Lupe.

Because Lupes don’t take their vengeance by being angry, or getting even.

When a Lupe hunts…

They go for blood.

And blood, was Jameson’s speciality.
Behind the Cover
A glimpse inside the mind of Jameson, one of my characters in :iconAcademiaLuna:
Characters mentioned:
Theresa :iconfreakyfanatic101:
Eriah :iconthatoneginger:
Vito :icondeiface:
Kristi :iconlexari:
Ginger :iconthatoneginger:

oh and Anders is mine.


andyoupeopleneedtoreadthis -->…


Also know, as EldritchBob!!!!!
United Kingdom
Made by teh fabulous Biyu chan. visit her page or she'll spork ya!

Current Residence: a town called...Eureka.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: WTF?
Print preference: What?
Favourite genre of music: any except for rap
Favourite style of art: abstract, manga,
Operating System: WINDOWS XP
MP3 player of choice: mine
Shell of choice: sea
Wallpaper of choice: .......
Skin of choice: human, sliiightly roated with a little honey.
Favourite cartoon character: either Office ninja or Flint and Zinc
Personal Quote: ...Get lost.

Journal History

So, I started here when I was in school, My good friend :iconbiocchi: set me up with an account (this is waaay before she changed her account) and this is the sort of crud I was producing back then ->

This was written in a thing I went to, on the Gifted and Tallented register....apparently that's what I was.This is actually the first proper story that I wrote, and still holds a place in my heart. but seriously what was I thinking?

Lee Masters by Karn-sama
please note, this is one of the ONLY good pictures I have ever drawn, and it's mainly pencil lines.I find it interesting that this is also one of the nly pictures where the printer didn't completely devour the quality....go figure.

As time went by, and I progressed through school, my writing style slowly improved.

started, never fiished, this was a drabble created as an English class exercise.

of course, some of the stuff I was writing would never be continued, as my mind blanked them

when I first wrote this, I was kinda dissapointed at myself.

oh god. Why did I make this?

yeah...this guy was my main OC at one point. now....he's kind of vanished.....hmmm. I'll have to hunt him down later. This was supposed to be a long story about his last case asa police officer, before becomming a Private investigator. IT heald alot for me, as I'd tried to put alot of thought into the character. eventually, it just fell flat though.

of course, I was also making strange one shots, only a couple of which still exist

this has got to be one of my favourite stand-alone shortstories I've written. It wasn't meant to be continued, it was just meant to exist.

I then found the world of OCT's, where I got my first lengthy critique.

my first attempts at OCTing. I look backc on this and cringe. It serves as a reminder of what I have done wrong in the past.

that helped.

You see, I had , and still have to a smaller degree now, a problem when it comes to my work.

whether it's poetry, or it's drawing, or it's writing a story...
I had great doubts in it.
there were times where I just thought "What's the point in continuing this shit" and almost deleted every piece of writing I had.
I've almost shut myself away so I couldn't see the rubbish that was spewing from my fingertips.

and I thank my friends in real life, and those that I knew on Deviant art.

Sophie, Luke, Johnno, Xen-yakodo, and many others made me think that my stuff was good enough to continue writing.

I actually wrote all of these one after the other, on the same day.  I'd been feeling kind of down, and just....wrote. I find Poetry really hard to write, so I'm really happy when I mannage to create stuff like this....even if I was advised not to show my teachers these.

then I came across an OCT, called Darkworld-OCT

aah, Kohn. an interesting character with an ability I havn't sen before. Created from a T-shirt and a want for a long ranged character. he had potential, and a story. I'll come back to him, some time. he's still one of my favourites though...

This was the first time that I really had a chance to match myself against others, to see how I could do compared to people that were so tallented.

I didn't get far, but that's because I got caught up in schoolwork and decided to prioritise.

and thus....Enter Harrow.
Harrow had already changed form a character I created once, never seen on here in his orriginal incarnation.
Harrow, coloured by Karn-sama
and lo, colour! and still rubbish feet. hes' got hands and not claws now though. You have no idea how proud of this I was and still am.

as you can see, my writing style has actually changed since my last time. it's not very obvious, but there's more confidence behind it now.

at the same time, I wrote something out of pure boredom. a really insignificant thing. At the time.

see? not important at all.

I entered into two OCT's with HArrow, one of which has since stopped...
but the other?

these are important to me, because they showcase my character in a situation that he'd actually find himself in, and because of certain friendships that would grow.

well, lets just say that it introduced me to some people.

and from my second OCT, I met megafluffy. and he created :icont-ub:
where I got to know several people better.

I found another group, and an OCT to join, looking through and trying to find things to keep me occupied.

Tahna Harris by Karn-sama
again, I am really proud of this. the scanner hated it, but I really liked it.

it was commented by a friend of mine, that they liked how in one timeline Tahna managed to push through and keep going, and in the other she fell and tried to escape. I hadn't even thought of it like that at the time, but Tahna is a character I find myself looking at and going "What can I do to her next?"

of course, I also had other characters, mainly mentioned in notes and chats, such as HArrow's teammates, Fea Mark and Caster.

speaking of Fea...
Fea (for Broken Dreams) by Karn-sama
yeah, I think that's the only other truely good picture. I really managged to get some of the small details in as well. I'm proud of this piece. it took me ages as well.

this becomes important later.

later on, as basically what I did between then and....well, then was Meme's, auditions, and a cameo appearence story or two, I found out do something that has really changed things.

I created a group.

and because of that group, I have gained great friends.
Chief of which, are :iconedgev33: and :iconfreakyfanatic101:

So much has been created because of the friendships that I've made here.

I've met fabulous artists, I've built something that I love, I have the greatest friends that I could EVER ask for.

Thank you so much, all of you.

some of you have been with me, through the crappy work

to the okay work.

a story where I do nasty things to a character, introduce an evil guy, and got a lovely critique.

ChibiEric1sketch by Karn-sama
my first ever Chibi that I've drawn! and it came our how I wanted it to!!

one of my most recent things. Compare this to my first OCT entry. I dare you.

I have by no means had a hard life compared to others I know here.
I have by no means gone through troubles like they have.
They're still here, and should be an inspiration to us.

I will continue to get better, I will continue to climb. I will one day finish a long story [NoIwon't*shot*]

Happy Birthday DeviantART.
Lets make it a good one.

  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: music
  • Reading: your stories
  • Watching: youtube
  • Playing: with my characters
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Fanta orange zero

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